Double Kleen Heavy Duty Bonnet & Traffic Lane Cleaner - Gal.


  • A state of the art, highly concentrated bonnet and traffic lane carpet cleaner designed for safely maintaining stain resistant carpets and other types of carpet
Gal., 4/cs
  • Made in the USA
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Incorporates our exclusive encapsulation technology to surround and encapsulate soils, then it dries to a non-sticky powder. Soil and residue vacuum out easily. In low moisture processes, DOUBLE KLEEN advanced cleaning performance eliminates the need for rinsing, minimize carpet downtime and eliminates discoloration problems from wicking. Exclusive anti-re-soiling technology helps carpet resist dirt and soil from becoming entrapped. Carpets become amazingly clean and remain cleaner longer.

  • Utilizes soil releasing agents. Releases soils from carpet.
  • Incorporates encapsulation technology. Entrapped soil and residue vacuum out easily for amazingly clean carpets.
  • Designed for use in low moisture cleaning processes. Advance cleaning performance cleans quickly and effectively, eliminates the need for additional rinsing, minimizes carpet downtime and saves time and labor.
  • Contains non-butyl water soluble solvents. Rapidly penetrates oil, grease and dry soils.
  • Contains malodor counteractants and fresh fragrance enhancer. Truly modifies unpleasant odors and leaves behind a universal fresh scent.
  • Neutral pH base and does not contain anti-static agents, defoamers, or optical brighteners.
  • Safe for use on all types of carpet, including stain resistant carpeting.
  • Eliminates discoloration problems from wicking.