Lindhaus® LW46 Hybrid Scrubber

Item # LW-46

  • Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy. Use with battery and cord for non stop working. Lightweight and low noise level.
  • Voltage (V/hz): 100-200/50-60; Total Power (W): 540
  • Battery charger on board: 24VDC-10A
  • Waterlift: 49.2"/H2O; CFM: 74"; Cable on board: 50'
Alternate #LW46
  • LEED v4 O+M Products
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Scrub and dry to the wall on the side and in front. Dries perfectly on turns, thanks to the easy glide suction nozzle. Quick brush roller and squeegee replacement without tools. The body frame turns to fold the machine for transport in a vehicle. Light weight and low noise level.


  • The easy glide suction nozzle turns in the opposite direction of the machine in order to thoroughly pick up the water.
  • It can be removed wtihout tools and the squeegee can rotate for 4 side use resulting in maximum cost reduction.
  • The machine has one high speed brush roller (1200 RPM) exposed in front for baseboard cleaning.
  • It is dynamically balanced and can be replaced in a few seconds without tools.
  • The brush pressure is adjustable.
  • Removable water tanks mounted on the body frame.
  • The light blue solution tank is equipped with measuring cup.
  • The front recovery tank is equipped with a float system and a motor protection filter. All filters are antiseptic treated to eliminate bacteria's, fungi's and dust mites on contact.
  • The body frame is easily adjustable 160° for maximum operator maneuverability. It allows easy access under tables and low furniture and allows the machine to fold for transport in a vehicle.
  • The machine is 100% Hybrid and it works with battery or a power supply with a 50' cord on board and on-board battery charger.
  • The recharging time after a complete discharge is reduced to 3 hours instead of the 12 hours of GEL battery.
  • On down time it is possible to recharge the batteries without waiting the complete discharge.
  • The high efficiency dual stage vacuum motor 24VCC - 360W.
  • Very efficient while keeping with the highest performance.
  • Permanent magnet brush motor 24VCC - 150W.
  • Both motors have been specifically developed for this machine.
  • The maximum power consumption is only 300W during the recharge and in the use with cord.


  • Water Dosing: Pump
  • Brush Speed: 1200 rpm
  • Suction Blade: 20.47"
  • Water Tank: 10 lt.
  • Recovery Tank: 13 lt.
  • Working Time Per Full Tank: 30 minute
  • Working Capacity: 16,000 sq ft/h
  • Working Time w/Battery Full Charged: 1:30