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NCL® Easy Dab Bacteriostatic Crème Cleanser - Qt.

NCL® Easy Dab Bacteriostatic Crème Cleanser - Qt.

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A-OK Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorant - Qt.

Ready-to-use, non-acid. Kills HIV-1 virus. A "One-step" disinfectant, cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide which is effective in the presence of 5% serum. Exceptional fresh floral fragrance (NABC). Blue color; pH: 10.

Alternate #AOKQT
EPA Registered 12/CS

Double Kleen Heavy Duty Bonnet & Traffic Lane Cleaner - Gal.

A highly concentrated bonnet and traffic lane cleaner designed for safely maintaining 5th generation stain resistant carpets and other types of carpeting. Dilution: 8 to 32 oz. per gallon of water. Ultra fresh scent; pH: 9.1; clear color.

Made in the USA 4/CS

Pac Attack Bio-Enzymatic Deodorizer/Spotter/Digester - Qt.

Designed for odor control, drain maintenance, carpet spotting, bathroom cleaning, septic tank maintenance and waste water treatment. Contains our long lasting odor counteractant. Pleasant fragrance.

Made in the USA 12/CS

Trigger Instant Mildew Stain Remover - Qt.

This highly dynamic product immediately removes mildew stains from porcelain tile and other hard surfaces. Easy to use. Just apply to the stain and walk away. Formulated with unique wetting agents. Eliminates scrubbing of surfaces.

Alternate #TRIGGER
Made in the USA 12/CS

Revolution Bag EcoMax Liner - 38x58, 0.45 mil,11.4 mic, Nat.

100% EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guideline Compliant. Coreless rolls.

Alternate #PC58MRN

Golden Star® Quick Change™ Handle - 1 1/8" x 60", Wood

The classic, all-around metal mop assembly comes with a quick-release swing bar. The adjustable wing nut securely tightens to hold a narrow headband in place. Perfect for tough applications and heavy use. Handles available in wood, fiberglass, vinyl-covered steel.

Alternate #HWM118STQC